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Solar Pool Heating in Encinitas

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Encinitas Solar Pool Heating Company

We can help triple your comfortable swim season!

Are you a non-beach dweller and a resident of Encinitas with swimming pools; often wishing your swimming season was extended? At Celestial Solar Pool Heating, we are great at providing the tools needed to keep your pool at a comfortable temperature and help triple your comfortable swim season. Our iSwim solar products are designed to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye but moreso to collect as much energy from the Sun’s rays as possible. You can actually lower your utility bill since you are not spending the money to run the system, all by harnessing the FREE energy coming from the sun.

Tripling your comfortable swim season, lower your utilities, great looking, durable products, are all benefits of a Celestial Solar Pool Heating System! We help determine which is the right model for your Encinitas home, as well as which model is the best choice for you. We provide a FREE in-home solar analysis to help us determine the proper system for you and specifically have your needs in mind. Schedule your solar analysis today

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