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Solar Pool Heating San Diego

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Celestial Solar Pool Heating can TRIPLE your comfortable swim season!

We are the solar pool heating experts in San Diego, CA. Celestial Solar Pool Heating is the sole distributor of the iSwim solar panels, which are the best looking and the most durable panels on the market today. How would you like to heat your pool FOR FREE?! We can show you how! Celestial of San Diego offers a free solar pool heating analysis and can make it possible to triple your comfortable swim season. Give us a call today!

At Celestial Solar Pool Heating, we know the importance of setting a schedule and sticking to it. We make it a point to insure all our jobs are done on time, as promised. Our solar pool heating systems provide you with an exceptional source of energy that is free from the Sun, and helps to triple your comfortable swim season. To learn more about our system, please contact us today at (858) 790-2700 for a free solar analysis and estimate on a solar pool heating system.

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