Solar Pool Heating in San Diego

by Celestial Solar | Jan 31, 2018

Extending Your Pool Season?

Is is not time you took full advantage of your pool investment? You have already made a sizable investment in your pool and surrounding pool area with landscaping and fencing. San Diego may have its beautiful and warm climate, but it still experiences cool winters just like the rest of North America. You can still use your swimming pool, in the cooler months, if you have a pool heater installed, but using a pool heater can get expensive if you’re using your home’s standard electrical or gas system. With no operating costs, solar pool heating remains the most popular way to heat a pool in San Diego, and can save thousands in power costs compared to electric heat pumps or gas heaters. Thankfully, San Diego is a great place to utilize solar pool heaters to keep your swimming pool comfortable all year round. At Celestial Solar Pool Heating, we offer multiple solar pool heating options to customers in San Diego. The savings from San Diego Solar Pool Heating systems will pay for itself in about two to three years of installation.

How does it work?

We install iSwim Solar Pool Heaters, which are the number-one solar pool heaters on the market. These solar heaters are efficient and flexible. The system is composed of a series of filters and pipes that lead up to the solar panels. Instead of using batteries to store solar energy, the system uses the solar panels to heat your water directly. The water travels through the pipes and up to the solar panels on the roof, where it is dispersed through the pipes in the solar panels and warmed. Then, it travels back down to the pool. You can also run the heater during the night in order to cool your water down during really hot summers. By taking warm water out of the pool and giving it a chance to cool down, you can gradually cool the temperature of your pool. Today’s solar pool heaters have automatic controls that are easy to use and very reliable. Just set the thermostat, wait for the sun to shine and let your pool be heated to the desired temperature. A warm pool means more enjoyment for your family and friends. Having Poolside parties, refreshing swims, and relaxing is what your pool should be all about. A heated pool will let you enjoy an early morning workout or enjoy a relaxing late night swim. A solar pool heating system can raise the water temperature 10 to 15 degrees in most pools compared to an unheated pools. Get more enjoyment from your pool with warmer water for a longer season. From April to October, a properly sized solar system in Southern California can heat your pool to a comfortable temperature between 78° F to 85° F. Although your pool will be warmer and will cut down on costs during that time, it might not reach as high of a temperature in the winter months from November through March as the spring or fall months.

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Get Monthly Pool Maintenance Tips In Your Inbox