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What you need to consider before purchasing a solar pool heating system in Fonana, California

The iSwim solar pool heater is the ideal method for extending the swim season.

You can consider your worries over as we have a reliable solution that you can count on to extend your swim season – solar pool heating systems.

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Our business location is in Fontana, CA and for your information, many people are rushing to us so that we can fix their pool systems and extend the beautiful swim seasons. There is nothing to be missed out on when it comes to the swim season and the presence of the solar heating system which will make every day count, no matter how hot or cold it might get. The extended season will be fantastic for the kids, as well as for those adults who exercise in their pool or simply use it for leisure. The systems work and the other good thing is that they no great deal of time needed to make them operational.

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Of all the firms offering solar pool heaters in Fontana California, we are the only one that can be trusted. The installed panels come with a warranty that lasts 12 years and includes only the most durable components and solar panels from iSwim. 

Celestial Solar Pool Heating offers a 12-year warranty on installation. With a warranty of 25 years and solar panels from iSwim, which are top notch when it comes to durability, these heating solutions are built to last.

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Having a solar pool heater comes with a range of benefits, but probably the biggest one among them is the fact that it keeps the pool water temperature at a very comfortable range. With its installation, a home can have a swim season that lasts three times the length of the regular one. In the end, all our clients are assured that the systems we work on are safe and get to meet all the technical standards as outlined by the state and federal recommendations. Even if you are in need of some time to yourself, you can enjoy and relax in your pool longer with our heating system. Solar pool heating systems are powered by the free, harmless and endless energy coming from the sun, which is why they will lower the utility bills for the entire household. This keeps the maintenance costs of the system to a minimum while it lowers the utility bill at the same time.

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An estimate begins with an employee of the company coming to the family's Fontana, CA home. The outcome of this is that we have dealt with many pool systems, and we are therefore better placed at handling any technical issue that we may be presented. There are no hidden fees for your estimate. The price we give from the estimate is the price you pay.

Thanks to its dedication and hard work, Celestial Solar Pool Heating is able to offer the best warranty options in the industry. This means that a solution from this company lasts a long time, no matter what the future might hold for the same property.

Areas Serviced:

  • San Diego
  • Riverside
  • Laguna Beach
  • Oceanside
  • Carlsbad
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The company offers a warranty of 12 years on parts and solar panels and best of all, it provides its customers an installation warranty that also lasts 12 years. This should give you the peace of mind that you will be covered for many, many swim seasons in the future.

The Company includes an approach that does not involve any sub-contractors for any solar pool heater installation procedures when it comes to their solar pool heating systems and relies on its own employees who are both highly trained and motivated to do a great job. Day laborers and sub-contractors are not reliable, and we want you to be fully confident the work is being done by the professionals in Fontana, CA. The information that the company is fully insured, bonded and licensed in both California and Nevada is a testament to its dedicated approach. With this, any future client can be assured that their solar pool heating installation is in good hands.

Celestial Solar Pool Heating offers a range of full maintenance and repair services for a range of pre-existing systems for solar pool heating and will be able to fix them for pool owners in Fontana, CA. We offer new replacement panels from iSwim as well as used replacement panels that can help save you some money. The wealth of knowledge and experience allows it to approach any repair or maintenance job in this confident manner.