Why Get Solar Pool Heating?

by Celestial Solar | Feb 3, 2018

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Are you the proud owner of a beautiful backyard pool?

If so, your unwillingness to pay high pool heating bills could shorten your swimming season by a large chunk. Unfortunately, this means that you can not enjoy your investment to the fullest. But what if you could nearly double the swimming season without raising your energy bills? Las Vegas Solar Pool Heating is the answer! With a solar pool heated pool, you can enjoy your pool for eight to ten months each year. That is triple the expected swim time versus a non-heated pool and best of all there is no costly gas or electric bills to pay. You have made an investment in your pool so now utilize it to its fullest.

Solar pool heaters are very efficient in southern climates year-round and extends swim time in northern climates. Using the sun’s energy, the existing pool pump circulates the water through the heater which is typically located on the rooftop or on a frame constructed in the yard. As the water is pumped through your existing filter pool pump there is no extra cost after the panels.  The most common type of solar pool heater is an array of veined mats that are spanned between two feed pipes. The mats, also called collectors, are laid out in direct sunlight to absorb its heat. As water is pumped through the mat’s veins, heat is transferred from the mat to the water.

Las Vegas Solar Pool Heating uses your existing pool pump to push the pool water through a series of valves to the solar panel heaters. After the pool water enters the solar panel heaters from the bottom it is then heated by the sun’s energy. The water then continues to be pump back into the pool and cycled until the pool has been warmed by the solar panel heaters. Heating an average pool with gas or electric for the swimming season uses almost the same amount of energy as the average home requires per year. A solar pool heater quickly pays for itself.

Where should they go?

The solar heater panel array should equal 50 to 60 percent of your pool’s water surface area. In our example, we have a pool area of 500 square foot which means the required area of solar panels would be 250-300 square feet. Do not be afraid to oversize it by going up to 70 to 80 percent of the pool area. The more panels there are to heat the water, the quicker your pool will get to your desired temperature. Solar panel heaters require proper planning to ensure they are in the best location to absorb the sun’s energy. The best position for solar panels is on the house’s roof facing south. For year round use, tilt the panels equal to your latitude. Sadly not everyone has a house that has an unobstructed eight foot by twenty roof section that faces south. You can still have the panels laid out on the ground, on a deck, or  on the inclined shelf as long as they are sturdy enough to hold the panels and the water.

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