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Why Get Solar Pool Heating?

Are you the proud owner of a beautiful backyard pool? If so, your unwillingness to pay high pool heating bills could shorten your swimming season by a large chunk. Unfortunately, this means that you can not enjoy your investment to the fullest. But what if you could...

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Solar Pool Heating in San Diego

Extending Your Pool Season? Is is not time you took full advantage of your pool investment? You have already made a sizable investment in your pool and surrounding pool area with landscaping and fencing. San Diego may have its beautiful and warm climate, but it still...

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What about Solar Pool Heating?

What about Solar Pool Heating? Why not use the sun to heat up your swimming pool? People buy gas heaters and heat pumps to heat their swimming pools, and pay quite a bit of money for natural gas, propane or electricity to heat their pools. Why pay for heat if you can...

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