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Let Celestial Help Triple Your Comfortable Swim Season!

We can help you utilize the Sun's FREE Energy!

Fontaine Solar Pool Heating from Celestial can help you triple your comfortable swim season by utilizing FREE energy from the Sun. Our systems use the best looking most durable solar panels manufactured by iSwim. They were designed to collect the most energy possible daily from the sun. These panels are the backbone to our solar pool heating, and help your pool remain at a constant, comfortable temperature for a longer period of time. Call Celestial Solar Pool Heating today for a FREE in-home solar analysis at (323) 899-4888.

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Take advantage of free energy from the sun with our solar pool heating system. We use our own employees who are well-educated in roofing and plumbing. We never use subcontractors or day laborers.  Give us a call today at (323) 899-4888 for more details.

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Google Reviews Celestial Solar Pool Heating Las Vegas


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