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What you need to consider for your solar pool heating unit

The iSwim solar pool heating system is the ideal method for extending the swim season. Even if the summer season is coming to an end the solar pool heating will make it longer when it comes to pool activity, which will be great news for all those families with children.

Our business location is in Upland, CA and for your information, many people are rushing to us so that we can fix their pool systems and extend the beautiful swim seasons. With a longer swim season, all those who use the pool will have plenty to look forward to when it begins. By extending your swim season, you can exercise and swim in your pool longer. In the extended time, any family will be able to have many more great moments together. Provided you have installed our solar pool heater units, you can relax, and only get to the swimming pool at any time you feel. Undoubtedly, this is something that any household in Upland, CA can fully appreciate.

iSwim solar panels

Since 2003, the company has installed well beyond 100,000 solar panels used for pool heating. The installed panels come with a warranty that lasts 12 years and includes only the most durable components and solar panels from iSwim. Through speed and effectiveness, the company can install a solar pool heater on a pool in Upland, California in a matter of a single day. 

The fast installation option provided by the company, where the entire solar pool heating system is completed from top to bottom, lasts only a single day. The company also offers a limited warranty on installation that lasts a lifetime.

There are many benefits to having a solar pool heating system installed at your home and the main one is keeping your pool at a comfortable temperature. Our team boasts of superb professional training regarding solar pool heating systems, and to continually improve our service delivery, our workforce to undergo additional training courses to enhance their professional competence. This will result in more time having fun in your swimming pool, as well as keeping your kids active and moving. Besides, our staff has relevant legal certifications that enable them to carry out their duties professionally, and this is one advantage we do have in our business area. Don’t be worried about a rise in your utility costs either. Solar pool heating systems are powered by the sun; keeping your operating costs to the minimum and actually lowering your utilities. This way, Celestial Solar Pool Heating services are easily available for anyone.

Celestial Solar Pool Heating Company is well-known for providing its clients with an in-home estimate that is completely free and which will determine how a solar pool heating system can be installed there. Estimates usually only take about an hour to an hour and a half; depending on the size of your property, your pool and the area you live.  After that, a clear price will be presented, free from any hidden fee or secret cost – the estimated price is the one that will be delivered.

Technical glitches on solar swimming pool heaters are at times difficult to avoid. In case such events are encountered, there shouldn't be much to be worried as we a professional team that can be relied on to offer quick troubleshooting measures. We do round the clock, and consequently, our clients can use their swimming pools normally after we have provided the necessary fixtures. We offer a 12 year warranty on solar panels and parts. Best of all, Celestial Solar Pool heating has a 12 year warranty on installation. Best of all, at the beginning of the new season, a solution for their pool temperature will already be in place. This advantage alone is the reason why so many people decide to get the system for their home.

We do not hire sub-contractors for any of our solar pool heating system installations.

In fact, Celestial Solar Pool Heating only uses its highly trained employees for all jobs. Celestial Solar Pool heating understands that any subcontractors or day laborers are unreliable and because of this, it places its full confidence in its own employees and professionals to do a job in Upland, CA or any other location. Celestial Solar Pool Heating is licensed, bonded, and insured in the state of Nevada as well as in the state of California for all your solar pool heating needs.

Celestial Solar Pool Heating offers a range of full maintenance and repair services for a range of pre-existing systems for solar pool heating and will be able to fix them for pool owners in Upland, CA. This comes regardless of the type of systems or the location place of residence; in any case, the company will fix the solar pool heating system. Our fast and friendly solar pool heating repair service is offered to new and existing customers as long as you have a solar pool heating system of any kind.

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